Tips On Using Facebook For Marketing


Facebook’s popularity with Internet users has run into the millions since its acceptance of anyone with a valid email address in 2006. Most members play games, update their profiles and upload photos or videos for their friends to view. While planting crops on Farmville, drinking virtual coffee in the cafe or beating off snakes in FrontierVille is addicting, Facebook can also be a powerful marketing tool for Internet marketers.


Marketers, including those using the Internet to market their products, know that in order to attract potential customers, they need to announce the benefits of their products to a large audience and give their readers a reason to visit their site. Simply put…

No Visitors = No Sales.

Facebook Ad Miracle


Facebook members make connections with each other, called Friends, and you are only allowed to contact or message those friends. Member profiles are only available to other Facebook members, which creates a loose pool to specifically market to. Some of Facebook’s most popular applications, those you probably use every day are specifically for Internet marketers. Continue reading

  • September 28, 2010

RSS Marketing Strategies


RSS directories are popular these days. Initially RSS was widely used by news sites to allow others to syndicate their news stories. Now, however, it’s used extensively by websites. It’s being used in flagging new forum headlines, auction listings, sales listings and many other uses.


RSS Master Class
The meaning of RSS is actually not clear. RSS may stand for Really Simple Syndication. But others say it’s Rich Site Summary and sometimes Rich Syndication Standard. Netscape was the noted creator of the RSS directory. Released sometime in March 1999, it included a UserLand application called scripting news. Netscape stopped developing it, but UserLand continued doing so. Another company, RSS-DEV Working Group also released their own version.


RSS directories are sites that collate all RSS links, placing them in different categories for other applications to use. This is similar to web hosting, only instead of web pages, they contain RSS links. These links can be shown on the website and when you click one, you are directed to the main source of the link.


For those who’d like to use the Internet for marketing or commerce, RSS has a lot of uses. Here are some of the things you can do with it:


Create links from RSS Directory website(s) to yours.


If you’re selling or promoting something, web traffic is important. The more RSS directories you upload to, the more chances you have people seeing your message and checking your site out. And if other sites have customized their sites with your RSS feeds, then they would get updated listings from your site to theirs automatically.


Collating analysis.


If you have a brand and you’d like to know how your competitor is doing, you may use RSS to see what they have so far. Get a directory feed of their product or service so you’ll know first hand what they have come out with. With the data gathered you now can plan on how you can counter them.


Tracking your own progress.


If you can check out your competitor, of course you’d also like to check out how your own business or product is doing. With an RSS directory of your own, you can know how many people are interested in what you are selling or offering.


Increases productivity.


Putting up RSS directories, let’s say for newsletters, adds efficiency to your company. If you use RSS for sending out newsletters instead of mailing them to recipients, you’d eliminate the possibility of your letter being classified as spam by users, or being sent to a closed mail account.


Increases efficiency.


There are a lot of websites or news articles that could be beneficial to your brand or company. At times, you’d like to add them to your site. Without the use of RSS, you’d have to copy the entire thing down and note where you got it. If you use RSS, then the headline and part of the story shows up on your site. And this is an automatic process now. If you use RSS, you just include the directory and automatically, the headline appears without you doing much.


Automatic Updating of your Website


When you have an RSS feed on your website, it is updated automatically, and therefore your site appears to be getting updated at a regular rate. Search Engines love updated sites!


The more RSS directories you use the more the possibilities you have of getting your information to the people interested in your goods. Reason behind is that people will normally only subscribe to the RSS feeds that they are interested in. If they are receiving yours, they are likely to be your target market.


Disseminating information online has been made much easier with RSS. The technology provides a cost-effective way of broadcasting information. With it, you have an avenue of reaching out to even more people easily and broadening your market reach.


RSS Master Class

RSS Masterclass is a video guide to using RSS to it’s maximum effect for instant traffic, backlinks, content and other really cool tricks you probably never even thought of!


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