Is there a good reason behind having a $7 to $10 front end offer?

The question in today’s episode of'Ask Matt Lloyd' was asked by Chris Beesley, from the UK, who says that he often sees marketers who have a front end offer for $7 to $10, and he wants to know if there is a good reason for that.

Matt explains that a front end offer’s purpose is never about making a lot of money on the offer. Instead it is about bringing a paying customer into your business.

He discusses how a paying customer, even if your front end offer is a nominal one, is significantly more responsive than a general lead on your list, and if they have a good experience and you are good with your follow-up, they are much more likely to be a repeat customer in the future.


He also explains that often times a good lead is willing to risk a small amount of money on an inexpensive product, and if you have a number of these types of sales it can also help to defray your paid advertising costs.

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  • March 13, 2016
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