How To Make Money With Flippa – Part 2

In our last installment??, we started covering the basics of making money with

Now let’s cover some specific strategies to leverage Flippa to make you money!

1. Use Google AdSense to show revenue

Google AdSense is a solid revenue model, you just have to use it the right way.

By buying a quality website or forum with decent traffic, you can leverage it with Adsense to become a valuable money-maker.

Just a few tweaks or changes to a site’s layout may be all that's needed to increase revenue from a website, blog or forum.


With proper ad optimization, you should be able to dramatically increase a site’s revenue potential, making it more valuable when you decide to sell.

2. Flip websites at a profit

It really is that simple. Just buy viable websites on Flippa in good niches, then sell them later at a profit.

Of course, this requires some work and diligence on your part. You’re going to want to figure out how to improve a website’s revenue performance.

If you can increase traffic and/or revenue, it will increase the site’s value to a potential buyer.

3. Develop websites from the ground up

Use platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and WordPress to build quality sites cheaply and professionally.

Use themes or templates that have good usability and are mobile responsive.

Add quality content, get some traffic going to them, and resell them at a profit!

Be sure to add Google Analytics and Adsense to set verifiable groundwork for revenue and traffic-generation.

By utilizing search engine optimization, you should be able to get your sites ranking well on Google for targeted and free traffic.

The higher your sites rank, the more valuable they become to potential buyers!

When posting your site for sale, provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Revenue stats based on data that can be verified from sources such as Google AdSense, PayPal, JVZoo and ClickBank

  • Traffic on the sites or forum based on membership stats, number of active subscribers, and data provided by Google Analytics

All costs involved in running and maintaining the site. Include costs such as content production and administration!

4. Increase revenue with ad sales

Set up an ad management system or plugin on your blog, website or online forum, then sell ad space to advertisers and media buyers.

You can easily generate recurring monthly revenue with this strategy. Use sites such as to get potential ad buyers. Just a couple of steady advertisers will boost the value of your site!

5. Leverage affiliate marketing

Check out ClickBank and JVZoo for products within your niche to promote via your site.

You can also promote Amazon products, or set up an Amazon store that ties in with your site for a new revenue stream.

These strategies should give you a solid foundation to start making money with

Flippa. It’s not rocket science!

Just follow these basic tips and guidelines, and learn more as you go along until you too are a master Flippa trader.

Always focus on due diligence, ask questions, do your homework and plan ahead.

Once you have a couple of deals under your belt, it just gets easier and easier to profit with Flippa, count on it!

  • October 15, 2016