How To Increase Your Email Profits With Split-Testing!

Let’s talk a bit more about writing emails that SELL.

Pulling off a successful marketing campaign isn’t automatic.

There are a few factors involved for subscribers to open your emails and then to click on your links!

Don’t execute properly, your open/click rates will be painfully low.

How do you improve your campaigns?

With… split testing!


Until recently, it used to be tough to pull off. But thanks to improvements by most autoresponder service providers, it’s become much easier!

The idea is that you test different versions of mail elements against each other.

When you find one that performs better against another, you simply eliminate the losing version, and replace it with another. Just keep doing this over and over, until your campaign is performing optimally.

It may take time, but when you get your emails performing better, your profit will be much higher than if you didn’t split-test.

To illustrate, let’s say you send an email out using this subject:
"Don’t Wait ANOTHER MINUTE! - READ THIS NOW!" to 500 subscribers.

Then, you use a different version, like this one:
“READ THIS RIGHT NOW – Your future is at stake!” to another 500 subscribers.

Then, check your analytics to find out which one got more opens.

That’s the winner. Drop the other one, and test the winner against yet another version. And so on, and so on… 🙂

Again, this is easy to do with most autoresponder providers by using their own split-testing tools. Take advantage of what’s available to you!

So what elements can you split test?

Starting out with subject lines is the obvious place to start. Test various subject lines that use different angles, until you find the one that gets the most opens.

From there, split-test various elements of your email text and copy. Try various fonts (if using HTML-rich emails) or layouts to see which perform better.

Just keep on split-testing, and watch your open/click rates gradually increase.

Every tweak helps big time, because it builds on top of your prior improvements.

If you net just one additional sale/conversion a month for each test,

You’ll be making 10 more sales a month after 10 tests. That’s the beauty of split-testing!

A few more items that you can split-test…

Your details/signature - Trying making it personal, or depending on your niche, use company information.

Delivery time – The times your mails hit inboxes have a great relevance on open rates. Test various times, and even research the best times that people are more likely to open your mails.

Calls-to-action – You can use various versions of call-to-actions to determine which one gets you the most click-throughs.

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  • August 7, 2016
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