How To Get More Traffic From Bing!

We all know that the lifeblood to success is quality, targeted, and preferably FREE traffic!

And most marketers focus their energies on ranking their sites with Google, since they’re the 800lb. Gorilla of search engines.

What most marketers don’t realize is that it’s fairly easy to rank a site on Bing, the second biggest search engine.

All it takes is a following a few steps to better optimize your site for Bing’s indexing.

Here’s what will help you rank higher on Bing:


1. Get a nice “old” domain name

Bing focuses on a domain name’s age. Older domains typically rank higher than newer ones. Look for a clean, older expired domain that’s available in your niche. Register it, and point it to your site.

2. Get indexed

This is a key step to getting more traffic from Bing. The best way to get your website indexed is by submitting it directly to Bing.

Register an account and also take advantage of Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

You’ll get details about your site’s traffic, and can set up a sitemap to make it easier for Bing to crawl your site.

3. Make sure you meet Bing’s tech standards

Bing focuses on certain website performance factors including:

  • Page loading time
  • Robots.txt file – make sure it’s up-to-date and accurate
  • Sitemap – ensure all URLs are clean and current. Remove any dead or redundant URLs
  • Redirects – in case of moving content between websites, always use 301 permanent redirects
  • Canonical tags – use “rel=canonical” tags to help Bing know original URLs in relation to other URLs on your site

4. Use title and meta tags

Bing has more emphasis on title tags for keywords. Use relevant keywords and phrases in the title tags of each page on your site.

Also make sure that:

  • You’re not blocking Bing crawlers in any way
  • If adding an open graph tag (for Facebook), make it consistent with your page title.
  • Ensure that the HTML title is relevant to queries, and don’t be repetitive.

5. Use straightforward keywords

Be efficient with keywords. Don’t use more than two per page!

Also ensure your keywords are present on title pages, meta-descriptions and the rear headings <H1> and <H2> tags.

6. Get quality backlinks

Just like with Google, links from high-authority sites are key in boosting your rankings on Bing.

Only a few high-value backlinks should help you get some ranking momentum.

Use guest posts, or articles to accomplish this.

7. Deliver quality content

You want rich, humanly-readable quality content on your site. Anything else will hurt your rankings on Bing’s search results.

Don’t overstuff with keywords or even affiliate links, and make your content easy to navigate through!

8. Be social

Bing gives high marks for social proof and engagement. Once you get some sharing and likes on content, it becomes much easier for Bing to rank your site higher.

Just work on each of these a bit at a time. Stay consistent, and most of all be patient. In time, your site will get more and more traffic from Bing!

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  • September 1, 2016
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